Required Update for Fuel TMS Forecaster
Posted by: bcain@tmwsystems.com
9/4/2018 12:00 AM | TMW News

TMW Fuel Dispatch Clients Only:

As of V.2018.3, the Forecaster Console no longer uses Common Volumes to calculate order quantities.

Now, it uses Trailer Compartments to maximize gallons and fit orders to specific trailer compartments. The V. 2018.3 update requires a simple setup process to forecast to trailer compartments.

Update steps:

  1. Download V. 2018.3. The Trailer Compartment Setup Transition Utility is included.
  2. Install V. 2018.3 in your test environment.
  3. 3. Use the Inventory Services Trailer Profile window to define trailer compartments. Go to Tools > Trailer Profile. You make your entries on the Compartments tab.
  4. Test the functionality in your test environment.
  5. Once testing is complete, before upgrading your production environment, use the Fuel Setup application's Trailer Compartment Setup tool to add trailer compartment settings to prepare the production database. Running the setup tool has no effect on current production data.
  6. Once trailers are setup in your production database, proceed with the upgrade as you normally would.
  7. Test the new production system. 

What if I don't update?

If you do not update, Common Volumes and existing data will be retained, since they will be required by previous versions. However, the forecaster will not use Common Volume logic to adjust the gallons. Instead, the forecaster will use the default algorithm to build the order.

Who can I contact for assistance?

Fuel Support Team

  1. Call 800.663.0626
  2. Choose option 6, then option 1, then option 2

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